Kong Nation Recruitment


Kong Nation is looking for active members.

We prefer people that are at least R4 and get at least 50 wins per week.

We’re a clan that aims to get the 2k box every week for the chance at an extra legendary, but recently we’ve fallen short, so we need new people.


But how do you know it’s legendary chance? There has been no confirmation, only speculation and rumours from other forum members

Have I missed something?


The 2k box is clearly named “Clan Premium Box”, it’s 1 card with a chance of that card being a legendary and guaranteed to be at least epic.


“clearly” is an overstatment, I have never seen it say Clan Premium Bpx


Max your inventory and claim one.


I have personally received legends from the 2k box. Got a legendary Golem last week. Got an Ash once even.


Chill down guys.

The 2k box is just a regular premium pack.


You mean box?
Anyway, may I join? :wink:




Why don’t you combine forces with trolls ? You all would take third every week pretty easy I think. Someone ought to broker that deal.