Kong Forum Button


The In world Kong forum button is broken.


Seems Kong shut down the BD-specific forums on Kongregate.

Nothing we can do here, sorry :frowning:


Doesn’t Kong come under Tacticsoft? I don’t have much idea about kong though.


kong is a website a big one aswell so i dont think tacticsoft control them or anything of the sort


Couldn’t you link the “F” Button to this forum??


To be honest, we don’t really want to “fake” support for the kong community like that.

In the end we haven’t updated or even maintained Kong for years, while I wish things with Kong had gone different (as it can be a huge opportunity), at this point…


Could you update kong with just the same updates as are currently on .com??


I don’t get it. You all say kong is something too big to come under Tacticsoft, then how can Alex from Tacticsoft alone can bring changes to kong mechanics?


he can update his game on kong and he can make a forum button for kong that can be acquired from this one or maybe merge both. alot can be made for kong it’s just that no one there boosts so it’s a dead project
(edit) there arent many players there the last time Fantasy had a full hall of fame was about 30 eras ago right now barely has 50