Kong Ex BOAT is a joke?

So after playing the Earth 4 event some peeps were talking about going to Kong BD. So i decided to go there for an era. It was my first era there ever. Long story short i became BOAT there. The old BOAT player is named Zaeem and he was away while i took away his precioius medal. I have never heard or even spoken to this guy in my life and he comes back calling me a hacker xD I never thought the best Kong player would act this way. He is nothing like Milan. He’s a disgrace acting like this. Thoughts on this ? xD

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Just tell him to come play on .com


Yeah i will do that Zealot xd

why not challenge him on his own territory , take a few friends and destroy him on Kong , so he will have no more excuses. Pretty sure he is a good player and will be a good fight. Kong has produced a lot of good players in past. Still remember WSS alliance (made up of top kong players on CE2) was one of the best alliances on CE2 and could have even won it.

I’m down for another round on kong if this fight is happening

Wait how did you get 320 crystals and 800 power I’m interested as well.
Can’t go above 440 score if only 44 players
Even if everyone gave you 10 ops.
That’s 440*5=2200 workers which is 1k per
So 1k+440 and 2 or 3k from max workers and army?
Could anyone explain…or have any idea?

Umm, see theres a thing called your ‘army’ which gives you power… you use it to fight and conquer other people too, and to get relics and xtals and stuff like that. Its pretty useful, :slight_smile:

I added 2.6k power from army . That would be nearly 3k to 4k one for that power
Since 30 inf give you 20 score(you pass 25 workers.)

I got 94% of the wreckages ingame which gives me res and workers (power) . That is around 400 wreckages. Also I spent over 10k tokens. I slept for 4 hours logged in to boost then went back to sleep 4 hours. I also had 97% of the res ops ingame. My Partner sent me res (it was only a 2 man era). He got BOAT when it was a 4-5 man era. Era only lasted for 1800 ticks.

Also i have tons of Experience playinng on small servers since i mostly played BD Galaxy before. I also played on different server identical to Kong but it got shut down a few years ago. Bazinga used to play with me there. So i did exactly what i did there on kong.

Ok nice.
I tried kong once reached rank 2 in like 200 ticks and all of AA. I was in rank 2 team but they would not fight Zaeem . SO I quit.

Glad to know kong is dead.

Can we move on please?


Kong boats are an actual joke 2015+.
NickC75( the illusive man) was the last guy that deserved to have it. He won an earth solo 6 ticker in 2013. Oh and solos on kong were actual solos. Not circlejerking empires of same tag

Also Zaeem is Kong’s ANTRAX. Dont listen to anything he says


Come back for an NCR era some time :smiley:


I have to admit, this is difficult!! :flushed: