Knock Knock ! Devs Are You Here?

The Most Annoying Thing That I Hate that when the community shows their disapproval,anger and they become less intrested in the game AND the devs/managers don’t show any kind of concern ! Just Tell Us That The Game Will Stand as shitty as it is now and we Must Deal With it or just Leave…
Peace :sunny:


I heard they’re on vacation till Monday.

They are too busy counting all the money that they scammed us from last updates


lol ! ALL of them on vacation ? that’s weird … and anyway They should check How we’r doing … making a BIG UPDATE and then go on vacation is a BAD move

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For me it’s unconceivable to leave a product without any kind of support for many days!


I still can’t choose my mech on mobile… lost 3 matches in a row due to that!

I mean with the kind of money many players spend on this, I don’t get how the developers are so few… in numbers or dedication…


Greedy + Lazy + Indifferent devs = perfect Combo


My work isn’t in the video game industry but has many similar aspect… i deliver a product to clients and I must make sure they like it and I adapt to their demands…
I do have my creative agenda, my style and my preferences, but I love what I do and I am proud of what I deliver!
I wouldn’t make major changes to a product and then leave for many days!!!
I’d at least wait after the holidays to make changes…
But that’s me…
Big money is involved here… I can’t wrap my head around so many flaws in so little time without any feedback…


I’m not the complaining type… but it’s getting hard to keep calm with such a bad service…

I really hope they bring back the game to it’s old state… Like it was in ~2015-'16

That would be impossible. Sorry.

Soon We all Going To Be Fed Up And Leave !

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I actually like reloaded
I would rather they bring it back to how the drop rates were in december, but keep in the new items

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they don t care about us

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100% Agree! Also, EVERY update that has been introduced has included MANY MANY problems. What would possibly make them think that this time would be different?

They pulled a heist and disappeared LOL


Yeah, the change management plan here is a bit of a fizzer.

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