Knock Back drone?


I think it will look like a magnet :joy:


Mate, that was sarcasme to underline my pov about this idea. Go open another 100s useless threads


Nah i am to lazy thanks.

Also i didn’t see a sarcastic word


“Why not a pull drone”


Im sorry i cannot see that sarcastic word cause i am probably an idiot…

Move on.


Hmm… How about this drone has a Resistance drain but no damage? Like one or two of the weapons in the good old days of SM


A drone that knocks back.

That will be cancer

But why not? This game’s Chat is already cancerous Though…


Lol I just noticed this idea got added XD


yo the shock wave has that feature


i had the same idea and it sucks


0ld_Supermechs, nice idea! Now, I want that Shockwave drone!


It’s a nice drone but heavy as f… Please decrease its weight + add a slightly dmg.
It’s a legy item. It suppose to be better than epic ones.


Buff it pls.


Delete it please.
(20 chars)


Say that to the half of l-m psyh items