Knock Back drone?


Been thinking this for a while now and I thought Why isn’t there a knockback drone even though there’s a Drone with three uses? Is it a good idea or the worst idea?

How do you item ideas become real?

thats would be to over powered also known as op


Imagine being knocked back every time a round ends, really bad idea


it would have to be super rare to get for ever one not just certain people


Even worse


it’d have to be premium, and tbh i’d say that you would need a very flexible weapon range for it… like what if the enemy is in the position you wanted but then it pushes it? you would require like 2 of 2-4 and 4-8 range weapons
without counting like at least one 3-6…


why not make it so it lasts 2 times then needs to be put up like the face shocker
( and make it good dmg and either a heat or pys)


Has like the weakest damage with 1 hp per hit, No matter the resistance, The knockback is only 1 space per end round and only have two uses, Is that good or…?


at lest make it myth so it does like max 115 dmg, we cant be that mean :slight_smile:


Hmm… Maybe like 100 Damage at maxed Myth, It’ll drop at Epic and then Turn to myth, Though dropping on epic or legend, It has The Droprate of the hardest item

Cause it’s kinda overpowered if it drops at such at a common rate at epic…


people might make a pusher loadout with that drone…


Knock back drone…
All heater builds : "we are saved!!!"
Phis mechs : "unfair!!!boycot!!!"
Energy mechs : "ohh boy! Welcome to the VS range quicker"
Devs: "it will be L-M only, and needes 50 energy to fire"
Heat mechs : “F…”


nice, i love those things :slight_smile:


Do you wish this to be added?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Who gives a crap?

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Also i need a status for knock back drone.


Legendary Stats

Two uses

One knock back

Makes 20 Heat and Energy

Deals 20 damage on lvl 1, 50 on max


Three uses

One knockback

Makes 40 Heat and 40 Energy

Deals 51 on lvl 1 and 100 on max


Im sorry but…51 damage?
Oof…ill just stay normaly…


The repulser weapon deals weak damage but does massive knockback, I’m just thinking it should be 51, What do you think is the best damage for it?


I have changed my mind…50 is good for myth knock…
Ill just say yes.


Is this even a serious suggestion? Get back to your senses guys… Why not a pull drone?


Is it hard to make a topic about ideas?
Well make it for yourself…
Thank you very much.