Kits have no real use, they are pointless

How about this Taticsoft?
You guys let us convert our legacy items into kits but we still have to have a ton of gold to fuse them and people are still having the same problem with full inventory.
Kits can not be used for transformations and fusing kits makes you lose fusion points so there is no point in fusing points into kits once you have one, you just lose points by doing it.
You get a kit as a item in a normal or premium box (bonus) it is a gyp because you can only use them for fusion and not transformation.
So how about making kits cost nothing to fuse and cost nothing to use for fusion. That would be the perk that gets people to actually save and fuse kits and use them for nest egg/farm fusion.

  • I like this idea It would help me clear my inventory and give me a reason to fuse kits.
  • I think this is a bad idea and I explained why in the post’s body.

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Seems like a good idea to me. Moved to ideas category. Could you add on a poll to see if the community agree with the suggested idea?

I can try >.< lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Toxic, it is a very good idea, but you need to remember about one important thing. I already burned all my legacies. How about that? I paid the costs, did not have the legacy converter… Well?

I also have used all my legacy items and paid for it. But others have like 10,000 items, now they have 1000s of kits and once they inforce the inventory space restrictions their accounts will be unplayable since they will not be able to obtain new items. And as it is now kits are pointless…

I am not asking for this so I get some kind of benefit out of it. I am asking for it so it benefits the community…
I gain nothing either way…

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I perfectly understand that and I really believe that this idea is great. However, any changes to the current status quo will make anything that happened before simply unfair to those, who fused their legacies altogether. Including you and me…

That’s unfortunate, but changing it would be better for the future. Leaving it as is would be even worse of an idea.

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You are G R E A T !



Misclicked my vote. it’s a good idea. Doubt money greedy devs will go for it though. Too user friendly.

Maybe a compromise would be making kits not use a space in the inventory.


agree on that, kits of anykind should not use inventory space. It’s not like i take them to battle with me, i’m gonna throw this kit at the enemy… one time nuke…the fack.

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Only reason i vote against this is because i already get rid of mine lol

Same as poppers, it no longer matters because i got rid of mine… but if i were to get a refund on the money i payed to get rid of them, i would vote for… but we all know that isn’t gonna happen.

i like this idea it would give me so much ubgrades

Simpler idea right now is to just make it so power kits (and color kits) don’t take up inventory space. They have no business taking up space anyway. They are supposed to be “bonus” items, what good are these “bonus items” when they do nothing but take up space? And the price to fuse with them is the same. So what’s the point?