King of the Hill Realistic and Unlimited

Use everything you’ve got, excluding unstoppable/impossible terms which includes .
Rules can’t be anymore complected, all you need to do is display how you’ve captured the hill becoming it’s king and declaring your capture with or without using flags.

Poster 1 : I’ve captured the hill, nothing complex, just captured it, it’s mines…
Poster 2 : As I ambushed him with my stealth cloak I shot him dead. The hill is now mines mu huahahaha.
Poster 3 : I used my heat seeking missile on the stealthed person now the hill is mines muhuahahaha.
Poster 4 : I used my hulk potion turning me into the incredable hulk now the hill is mines muhuahahaha.
You don’t need to declare it being yours, you’ve simply captured it by slaying or defeating your opponent.
I’ll start now.
A little girl with cuteness stats has captured the hill making it impossible for anyone to capture it.
She’s the king of the hill now.


I go up the hill and the girl falls in love with me, seeing my handsomeness. I take the girl home with me and claim the hill :slight_smile: :wink:


I steal all of Merciful’s girls and turn them into loli slaves. I am the king of the hill, I will not allow my country to have 3d girls, only 2ds are allowed


I show zarkares a lot of traps and he comes out of the hill leaving behind the girls. I claim the hill and the girls are all mine now :wink:


The girl’s distant cousin another girl using challenged you to a dance battle and won, the hill is now declared hers.


I challenge the girl to a strawpedo contest and win. I claim the hill.


i nuke everything hill is now a hole i claim hole

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The the seal of the tiki’s curse has been broken

The nuke hit a volcano awaking a deadly tiki, the nuke was consumed and the hill top has an active volcano that erupts deadly magma meteors sending them everywhere.


that would be great if it were not part of a very vivid dream i still own hill

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i tell @oliboy23 he’s due for an oli change and he falls for cuz he’s an idiot, abandoning the hill

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i come back with my new oli and show it to him @Chucky then gets killed from radiation from past nukes i claim hill

Disqualified m8, im sorry

i’m a mutant, i can’t be harmed by radiation, try again

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hmm i lure @Chucky away with a perfect edition of super mechs but it turns out it is just SMReloaded and he dies with anguish

I am then incarnated as a parisitc worm and infest oliboy’s body.

Oli boy feels sick so he gets repeated oli changes to see if it would make him feel better.

While this is happeneing i slither out and transform into my normal self(if you can call i tnormal)

i’m chunky and gay
ddckjan :KHvsdljLJVhljVD.jhm

Unfortunately chucky’s spells go wrong and he gets transformed Into a worm for eternity. I claim the hill now

I get the gauntlet of the infinite and together with the gems of the infinite and destroyed them from the face of the earth and I get the hill and I claim the hill

It is said that if one obtained the infinity stones, they can achieve immortality and infinite power!

House Ecticon

@scarletdragonfly, do you wish to join ecticon?

I call in my Avenger friends and they chase you out of the hill . The stones and hill is mine now ! Im unstoppable with my Avenger friends protecting the hill