Kill pads PLEASE!


We need to rebel against the keeping of pads!



Ive been telling them since i joined. Now here i am with 30 medals later and they still havent done anything.

I understand that theyre working on reforming the pad system but they should remove them until thats over with. Theyre very bad for the game as of right now.


Yes, pads should still be removed.

This is like the 50th time I’ve mentioned this.


what do you mean by pads i mean ive been in supermechs for 3 and a half years and i dont know anything about pads? SERIUSLY!


Random pads which broke the Arena fights, more like plates though, which gave bonuses like +30% physical damage etc.
There was also a null resistance field.
God Mode standing on it got it’s resistance back to 0, and none of the resistance drains affected it, because it was at 0 all the time.


oh i know them i just didnt know their names