Kill a titan with a mega laser, a way to use tokens on titans

I was thinking of more ways to use tokens, I like to have more ways to use these, so I thought of a kind of mega laser that kills the titan, you pay 10 tokens to do 1k damage to the titan, it can also be 100 tokens for 10k damage or variations of these prices, which can be paid by any member of the clan, and this damage will benefit the user with clan coins and gold like a normal combat with a titan

Taking into account the abuse of new accounts, this will not greatly affect the clan, since the reward is not for the clan in general, the benefit is for the user it can be a different cost, such as arena coins or even divine relics, thus avoiding abuse by new accounts

I don’t think the payment can be in gold, I think this benefit should not be paid in gold

edit: maybe a limit of using this 3 times a day to avoid spam and thus give others a chance

In summary

10 tokens = 1,000 damage to titan
100 tokens = 10,000 damage to Titan

alternative prices:

30 tokens = 2.000 damage
70 tokens = 4.000 damage

maximum daily use = 3

pd: Down here will be the prices/damage voted by the people in the responses

  • yes, tokens sounds good
  • yes, arena coins sounds good
  • yes, the relics sound good
  • no, this is a not good idea
  • maybe, i think it needs adjustments

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dude. why do i feel like shadow fight?

People on top ranks will just spam this to oblivion. Not a good idea.

People with 5,000 tokens to spare be like.

What about a limited amount of use
For exemple X times, and/or you can’t use it if the total of damage dealt that way would exceed Y% fo the titan’s max HP
Kinda like “spend Z tokens to get a head start against Titan”

i’m not sure what you mean

@Cryogenes let me try to simplify what @YGGM is saying in my eyes
If the titans health percentage is where you can’t use the laser, (let’s say 50%) then that is the Y it cant exceed for a 300k hp titan is 150k hp. X is the amount of times and Z is the amount of tokens spent (let’s say 3 500 token mega lasers)
I hope this simplifies it.

Maybe 25 tokens for 1 extra turn on titan. Only used once per titan

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Why are people trying to make everything p2w?

Whats the challenge or teamwork (The main aspect of the titan) with that?

this man has a point

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