Keyboard Shortcuts For the Desktop Client


… now I was thinking after my 1234567890th time playing Bad Boy’s stage in campaign…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had keyboard shortcuts for our actions/skills on the battle screens?

Something easy like 1 to 5 for movement menu to shutdown … with “Esc” key returning us to the top level menu

And in any sub-menu eg. cross-hair/weapons have numbers 1-4 for side weapons and 5-6 for top weapons…

Well what about it ppl and @Sarahsh247 and @Alexander ?

P.S I imagine that people playing SuperMechs through an adroid app emulator like bluestacks, nox
and memu can and have already assigned keys to touches …


It’s easy already. Your just using the mouse and touch screen on phone. How much more easy can that get. Your making it more complicated doing it that way. It’s more like your looking for a challenging way of playing this game.


nope … a quicker way … especially for farming Bad Boy


Because clicking is sooooooooo hard.
I think whats really needed is a fast forward button gor campaign/buying boxes or whatever.