Keep using my heat mech, or switch to energy

I still lack a decent drone for my heat mech, Squinch does depressingly low damage and costs energy. However, all of the energy items I have can transform to mythical rarity.

It’s easy to switch back and forth any time until you start upgrading items to mythical. Even then, you can upgrade your core, legs, etc. and still switch between mech types.

I’d just use whichever you can rank higher with and run the campaign faster with, then if you get a really good item or two for one of them, you can commit more.

It’s also worth nothing that’s there are 3 good heat drones. Finding one of them shouldn’t take you too long, whereas, on the other hand, counting on finding a certain legendary item is a real long shot.

Go for Energy,and if you see a player named Holy n Evil
(cause that’s me and i h8 elec builds and plus,i am a physical build)

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I already went myth on Nightmare…

I already switch from heat to physical now i m thinking to switch from physical to energy. After energy i will switch to quit.

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Just get a head start and switch to quit now, it’ll save you a lot of trouble…

I already quit 4 time before.

Let’s make that 5 !

Nah. It’ll be fun while it lasts. :grin:

Zurg: Surrender, Buzz Lightyear. I have won!
Buzz: I’ll never give in! You killed my father!
Zurg: No, Buzz. I am your father!
Buzz: NOoooooo!

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