Keep the avenger or upgrade windigo?

I just got the windigo torso and it looks like it has much better heat and energy than the avenger which solves a lot of my problems. My only question is: is it worth it to upgrade the windigo and get better heat/energy but less health?

  • Upgrade windigo
  • Keep avenger

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It depends on what modules you have, I have an avenger and have 2.3k HP with just epic Health modules,

But you need more heat engine and energy engines with avenger than windigo

Well then I’m gonna get the windigo since I have a lot of iron platings (common but can transform) but a shortage of engines.

Engines and boosters has a low drop rate, but windigo is good too, unless your avenger is myth already, then I would suggest you stick with avenger and grind campaign or else it would be a waste of a lot of fusion power

If you go for an energy-free or half-free build then keep Avenger,so you’ll only need to get it some heat’n cooling and then you can focus on HP.
If you go for any other build,then yeah…Windigo.You can convert that torso into any kind of build.

Note:I feel bad for Avenger,that noone picked it.
I’d say…If your build can support it,keep Avenger.

The nightfall uses too much energy IMO (20) but I did get an annihilation… I’ll keep the avenger in case I get another annihilation for a duel annihilation (lol) build.

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I’m gonna keep it, since I’m not even done maxing my nightfall/annihilation yet.

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You don’t need dual annihilator, after playing around a lot I found, 1 annihilator and 1 nightfall ,1 night eagle and flaming scope is good,

The only use of having 2 annihilator is when U fight energy mechs, but you don’t always get to use both of them in a turn .

Yeah they always run backwards or push you away so you have to walk forward and waste a turn

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