Kaiju in Supermechs? I think it would be awesome!

Hi All!
This idea has come to my mind ever since I first watched “Pacific Rim”. Honestly, what would be a better enemy for our “Jaegers” than 100% pure flesh and blood Kaiju! Just imagine: currently there are only few competitive mech builds among top players, and such a new… well, how shall I put it… “class”, or “breed”, or “genre” of mech would add enormous variety to the game. Just take a look here:

This would even fit nicely into our system of weapons/damage types. We could have physical Kaiju dealing damage with brutal force only, we could have heat Kaiju blurping fire upon the enemy by using some sort of in-guts sulphur deposits, and of course electric/energy Kaiju devastating the opponents with some electric arch discharge. If you think about it in more details, the possibilities are unlimited. Instead of “fusing” weapons, you could “breed” or “grow” your horns, claws, tails, tentacles, fangs, antles and whatever Kaiju have on their bodies. You want some resistance modules? No problem, just grow some shell or fish scales to protect your body. And the most enticing thing is that both classes, Kaiju and Mechs, would be available for players in parallel, so you could have mixed setups to face your opponents. What do you think about this idea, guys?
Cheers and see you on the battlefield!


Some more Kaiju pics, as I am a “new” user (sic!) and able to post 1 pic per post.


And a close-up.


Mechs are Robots
In what way they are similar to Kaiju

You did not grab the point. The idea is not to be similar, but as diversified as possible. Perhaps someone would love to “pilot” a beast instead of a mech. Similarities would be in types of damage to fit into the game mechanics. This is called “diversification”, something not letting you get bored with Steel Barrier, God Mode and shredders all the time…


I got the point but then they would have to change the name
SuperMechs to SuperMechs and Kaiju :joy:

i have another idea ,how about titan mech? i got this idea from my old game empire and allies, maybe titan mech is a giant mech with non customizable armaments but have high status, it would be interesting because most of player use high HP mech with high firepower

empires and allies… that game was amazing… :cry:

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your idea is really cool! im sure it would really improve the game! and those players who totally ‘‘completed’’ the game wouldn’t be bored anymore! :grinning:

When Big Boy in insane mode isn’t insane enough


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I’m so thirsty for Pacific Rim 2 right now that I will basically approve anything Kaiju related.


This idea was already some time earlier

as I said then. Living beast just not fits SuperMechs robotic theme; instead, we could have mecha-kaiju - huge beast-like robot. This would totally fit and give huge, powerful and unique boss enemies

You are right by saying beasts are not robots, but they might be fought LIKE robots, and through this, the game would gain enormous diversity. I am honestly a bit tired of facing God Mode torso with Steel Barrier all the time, and if I had an option of choosing something different to kill it (be it Mega Kaiju, for instance), I would love it. This means more items in the game, more weapons, more mythicals, and also more income to Tacticsoft. And we, the players, will be more entertained. If you hate the idea of beasts, you might stick to robots. But I bet there are plenty of us who will give it a try, if that is ever possible.


God Mode isn’t that feartul, actually. It has 350-420 more hit points than any other myphical torso, but that is negated by God Mode taking extra damage because of -24 resist. 15 attacks (any attacks, including most miserable drones) will deal 360 extra damage, 18 will deal 432. This basically means that God Mode is countered by anything that allows you to either stall (via preventing enemy from attacking, negating enemy attacks or just having high effective HP) or attack extra times withim short time (example: if weapon fires 2 times for 36 damage, it will deal 72 damage to normal mech or 120 to God Mode. Nice for countering it, thus)

I am not saying every enemy must be fought like a robot, but can look any way.
I am saying exactly opposite: withim “SuperMechs”, we can fight enemy in any way and enemy might fight us in any way - but everything encountered must fit hi-tech, Battlemech theme. No outright magical weapons (I like magic, but it shouldn’t be in this universe), no other living opponents (be it kaiju or zergs), no walking dead, no non-sense like teleporting pile of gold above the enemy so the enemy is killed from weight of money. Adding any of this will put kill Mech theme into a grave - decimating the fun one can get from this game.

basically any new content added to the game will be “more items in the game, more weapons, more mythicals, and also more income to Tacticsoft.”

if I wanna be entertained by kaiju, I will go and google “kaiju”. If I wanna be entertained by kaiju fighting mechs, I will search for Pacific Rim fanfiction.
One does not buy new PC to find out it is actually a box with a wine inside - wine might entertain you as good as PC but it is clearly not what you wanted to buy. After all, if you need wine, you go and get wine.

I want to be sure that, whenever I launch the game “SuperMechs”, I can always find a game about mechs - not “mechs fight random things, with said things taking more space in both game files and devs’ hearts than mechs themselves”

I already know your opinion. You are super-duper mech oriented person. But maybe, just MAYBE, leave some free space for others to leave THEIR opinions? Don’t you think it would be a good idea? Peace, mate, and have a nice day!

correction: you are saying here you “know my opinion”. Which is a… kinda too strict statement

“super-duper mech oriented person”? since when me showing a desire for mech theme - is translated as if Mech is my only meaning of life and I don’t understand and don’t want to understand anything else…

I’m afraid you were delusioned by my will to oppose your selfish desire (and your desie to ruin SuperMech’s theme of Mech just to put here theme of Kaiju instead - is obviously selfish, you seem to only think about what you want to see in this game and not what others will get as a result)

leave space for others’ opinions? sure, I am doing that, and I am reading those opinions and trying to unsedstand their ideas and what they authors meant.

instantly agreeing with said opinions upon seeing them? nonsense. I might see something I didn’t know, or I didn’t realize, or even my own mistakes, and then I use that knowledge, fix, rectify and improve my own opinions and view of world. But if I see a mistakes in other’s opinion, I will point it out. And I expert you to consider others’ opinions (including me pointing out your mistakes) and explain or correct yourself.

Let me call you Dave, since your nick is soo… soul-less. I am perfectly fine with what you think or believe about my idea. I do not expect you to agree with it. Even more, I am absolutely fine if you hate it. But only because you think it is a bad idea, does not necessarily mean IT IS IN FACT a bad idea. Did you notice that only persons to continue this topic are you and me? That is rather funny and I would really like others to support any side — your or mine. Will you let it happen?

this is outright insult attemp
would you want to address me, you can use my nickname “25352” or just reply/quote my message
of course you are free to use nicknames I didn’t choose, just remember that I may just leave them unnoticed. After all, I may not even remember them…

your words “does not necessarily mean IT IS IN FACT a bad idea” don’t make it good idea. But of course if we both keep telling “your idea is bad - my idea is good” this won’t make any good. Just like in any sensible discussion.

And thats why humanity developed things called “proof” and “provement”. If I point out weak points of your idea and you are unable to counter my statements (by, for example, explaining why those points of idea are actually strong and make sense), it becomes clear that your idea is proven to be wrong, and after that your zealous continuation of idea’s support is an action as pointless as activating energy shield while having 1 hp and no drone equipped.

now, the cherry. Few posts ago I was proving why your kaiju idea is bad (for SuperMechs), while all you did was just repeating “my idea might be not bad”…

“other to support any side” means you consider point of views more right if more followers are stand for it. But, the quantity of support doesn’t magically turn into a quality.

Supporters themself might be good, however, opinions they provide to either side mostly like wil not provide anything new to consider, and repeating same thing over and over doesn’t make it right (altrough human subconscious might be fooled by repeating)

Let me guess, Dave,
You are of medical background… Perhaps a psychiatrist or psychologist. Am I correct?

so you ignore everything I write, instead preferring to use “Ideas and features” forum category to discuss other people you met

I assume you just can’t prove your “Kaiju in SuperMechs” idea is ultimately good after everything being said. Maybe, even you yourself realized this idea is flawed. But you don’t want to openly admit that, and so you instead speak about everything else you can think about, but not about very idea this thread is dedicated to. Thats fine, I can and I will do it for you:

It was proven that living kaiju shall not belong in SuperMechs

P.S. if you want to ask me anything off-topic, Private Messages wait for you. Just don’t expert I will answer every silly or not related to SuperMechs question there