Kaen the Nub Boi

We all know that Kaen is gay
we should put that to vote now
please vote only once :wink:

  • Kaen is gay
  • Kaen is not a gay

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Agreed to my ex waifuu


This is a thunk-provoking poll. Give me some time to think it over :thinking:

I think this is an unfair question because you put the answer in the title. Not many people would purposely answer wrong.

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we can be lesbo gangsta armee sistas 2getha.


Elcent ate me alive last time I posted any gay related stuff so be careful…
Also check out the Elcent dedicated Alliance in earth 2…

The difference is your content might have been offensive to someone. This is directed towards me and i dont get offended.

Last M2 was won by an alliance called Gays. Same with last E1. It was allowed by Theo and Alex. Because that is not an insult. Its a descriptive word. A trait.


I know, Elcent didnt seem to see if that way…

Apparently your mom gay jokes are too offensive

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Elcent is Gaycist, a gay racist. Should prob ban and give maximum solitary confinement in a supermax prison. I was thinking ADX Florence in Colorado.


Those who voted no to Kaen are those players who are playing addictive in Super Mechs. Guess I’m not wrong.