Kaen introduction. forreal this time

i never actually did an introduction on here properly, and the post i made in this category wasn’t an introduction. hello, all. my naem is Dennis (or Denni. for friends. if i ever get any). i go by the ingaem naems Kaen and Vourdalak.

I lead TMoK (The Marked of Kaen), which is an alliance centered around how amæzing i am.

I accept praise in all forms. idk how i feel about getting insulted. it turns me on but at the same time i hope u get arrested or beat up by the french police idk

just a typical southern trump-supporting thought-criminal bigot.

I am a strong believer in the flat Earth theory and scientology.

feel free to ask me anything. im not that hard to talk to, really. but then again, if you’re as great as i am, everything is easier.



you are rustling my jimmies here


well thats explains a lot lol

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You believe the earth is flat?

That shit was disproved in the early BC era by Eratosthenes, using the stars. Not to mention seasons would be impossible on a flat world. Oh, and the jet streams would be linear, but due to the rotation of the ROUND world creating high and low pressures, they zig zag. Oh hey, don’t forget the Foucault pendulum in the 1800’s which also proved we were spinning on an axis, so by placing the pendulum in different places in the world you can see exactly how the world is moving directly beneath your feet, proving the world is round yet again.



@NotCarter What can you say about this huh? LOL I BET YOU WILL BE A HYPE AGAIN

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Ok you are smart we get it lol

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Naw, that’s basic earth science stuff you learn like year one in college, but nobody remembers. I’m just giving Kaen some flak.


try again, sweetie


The Foucault pendulum is supposed to prove the Earth’s rotation, not shape. and as far as i know, it is guided by magnets

if u stand 5km away from an object or someone with height that does not exceed 2m and use binoculars to look at them u wont be able to see them due to the earth’s roundness making him somewhat below u in height but if the earth really was flat u would be able to see whatever is standing 5km away from u at a weather with no mist and level ground

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if the earth truly was flat u would be able to see the same stars from anywhere on the planet but due to it’s roundness stars differ from region region also stop shit posting

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This post is best post.

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no u :blush:
more characters


Helo again. I wasn’t finished. Bump

Hey sweetie you forgot that heat displaces light. Meaning that the further away something is, the more distorted and less visible it is.

So… are you saying that if I ever end up exploring the arctics, I might fall off the edge of the earth? Noted. This is good to know. I don’t want to be eaten by a giant cosmic turtle or something like that…

You are making light of the issue. There are no cosmic turtles. The arctic is the center of the Earth. It’s the antarctic that lines the edge. And its far out enough to the point of fuel freezing. Nor you nor anyone else would be able to reach it as technology is now. Maybe never

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