Just wanted to show off my mech a lil here just for the hell of it


hello guys its ya boy GODZILLA just wanted to show yall my mech a lil bit here its all myths and this is where hard work gets u no money needed for this i might add but i just wanated to share how my mech looks to people who aint seen it


Ohh God that axe was my favourite before super mechs reloaded (when it was legacy)


I agree , SM is the only place where hardwork gets you nothing :slight_smile: other than a stupid Robot


what i mean is that my hard work got me all my things i didnt need money to buy all those things i have


well. couple more years of grinding and upgradeing, and perhaps i will see it one day…:laughing:


I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again:
I absolutely LOVE that one mech!
It’s a pretty damn good build.
Looks amazing when you fight against it.
I couldn’t beat it either :smiley::smiley:


Yea getting whooped by GODZILLA was what inspired me to ditch my Brutality and level up a Naga


Very nice mech! Wish I could say I hadn’t spent anything on mine…


@KilliN u needa leave my posts alone ill post what i want in any forums u understand that so leave em alone jeasolus




Here’s my super badass mech, it will destroy Godzillas mech in one hit.


OMG im scared of that thing


3 years from now you will be lol


lol ima be top player by 3 years hopefully




Hey in the raid you are 2 places in front of me.



oh thats cool as hell


what happen to JemieMaster it is gone


my mech just dissaper it wont let me on it


Sorry, but I would trash that energy leeching POS any day.