Just want to know 😕

What will happen if I don’t complete this day raid? Just want to know, because it doesn’t seem like I’ll complete it. :confused:

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At the end of the countdown the server will check if you have beat the last raid open for you.
If you have beaten it the server will open the next raid for you.
If you have not beaten it you will be stuck with the raid you could not beat.

So for example if you cannot beat the 4th raid on day 4, then you will not have access to raid 5 on day 5 because you must beat raid 4 first.
That means not beating raid 4 on day 4 makes raid 5 only available on day 6 and in turn raid 6 cannot be accessed as it resets after day 6.

That is as how I understood the introduction thread for raids.

wait what? he was talking about the day 6 raid he was asking if that influenced anything. I haven’t beat the fake simo whitedeath yet, so I am confused as welll

If you don’t complete the 6th day raid then you’ll get your reward based off the sum from the other 5.
Don’t worry.

5 to 6 separates the men from boys.
Currently a ‘boy’ myself, could tell when i saw the mechs, but tried the fire & electric thing as well…
Maybe next time.