Just Started Playing SM :D


After 2 days of playing SM this is my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I dont know why it shows that I am from Japan. I am not from Japan


Same game shows my flag as usa even when i not live anywhere near america


I am approximately 13,000 km away from Japan xD

Dont know why it shows up like that. I dont have a VPN


Maybe japan is calling u for a visit in future :sunglasses:
(If u go there do try their food lol i heard its yummy)


Is there a BDA equivalent to SM? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly nope no bda equivalent in sm .


Anyone you can recommend to me that can teach me how to play?


Shall i tell him to stop playing it before he gets infected? nah…


I already got infected by BD. I am immune @KilliN


Infected by BD? !What was last time you sleep?


Last time i slept was 2 days ago


i can help you get better i used to always get top three with my old account, i started again about a month ago


Yay! :grin::grinning:


@killymachine gave me an idea on what to do but i am still confused on how do i get better parts. I keep getting same quality parts while my opponents all have superior equipment


Goldem item boxes :slight_smile:


Ty :slight_smile: :grin:

20 chars


Next month new version will be released so i think no one can help you with builds for now xdd


oo thats exciting :smiley: My main mech is a heat mech its a very good mech but it cant compete anymore. Too weak


i was in the beta testing i know some of the builds from it


I’d love to make a topic with non-mythical builds but after the update “mythical” will be something relative. (insert sad face here)