Just somthing for us forumers to know


whats your gmt i am asking this so we will know oh why is not this person online and we might know or just one other way to share what gmt you live in
here is a list for america

AL Alabama GMT-6 GMT-5
AK Alaska GMT-9 GMT-8
AK Alaska (Aleutian Islands) GMT-10 NA
AZ Arizona GMT-7 NA
AZ Arizona (Navajo) GMT-7 GMT-6
AR Arkansas GMT-6 GMT-5
CA California GMT-8 GMT-7
CO Colorado GMT-7 GMT-6
CT Connecticut GMT-5 GMT-4
DC Columbia GMT-5 GMT-4
DE Delaware GMT-5 GMT-4
FL Florida GMT-5 GMT-4
FL Florida (W) GMT-6 GMT-5
GA Georgia GMT-5 GMT-4
HI Hawaii GMT-10 NA
ID Idaho (N) GMT-8 GMT-7
ID Idaho (S) GMT-7 GMT-6
IL Illinois GMT-6 GMT-5
IN Indiana GMT-5 GMT-4
IN Indiana (NW) GMT-6 GMT-5
IA Iowa GMT-6 GMT-5
KS Kansas GMT-6 GMT-5
KS Kansas (W) GMT-7 GMT-6
KY Kentucky (E) GMT-5 GMT-4
KY Kentucky (W) GMT-6 GMT-5
LA Louisiana GMT-6 GMT-5
ME Maine GMT-5 GMT-4
MD Maryland GMT-5 GMT-4
MA Massachusetts GMT-5 GMT-4
MI Michigan GMT-5 GMT-4
MI Michigan (W) GMT-6 GMT-5
MN Minnesota GMT-6 GMT-5
MS Mississippi GMT-6 GMT-5
MO Missouri GMT-6 GMT-5
MT Montana GMT-7 GMT-6
NE Nebraska GMT-6 GMT-5
NE Nebraska (W) GMT-7 GMT-6
NV Nevada GMT-8 GMT-7
NH New Hampshire GMT-5 GMT-4
NJ New Jersey GMT-5 GMT-4
NM New Mexico GMT-7 GMT-6
NY New York GMT-5 GMT-4
NC N.Carolina GMT-5 GMT-4
ND N.Dakota GMT-6 GMT-5
ND N.Dakota (W) GMT-7 GMT-6
OH Ohio GMT-5 GMT-4
OK Oklahoma GMT-6 GMT-5
OR Oregon GMT-8 GMT-7
OR Oregon (E) GMT-7 GMT-6
PA Pennsylvania GMT-5 GMT-4
RI Rhode Island GMT-5 GMT-4
SC S.Carolina GMT-5 GMT-4
SD S.Dakota (E) GMT-6 GMT-5
SD S.Dakota (W) GMT-7 GMT-6
TN Tennessee (E) GMT-5 GMT-4
TN Tennessee (W) GMT-6 GMT-5
TX Texas GMT-6 GMT-5
TX Texas (W) GMT-7 GMT-6
UT Utah GMT-7 GMT-6
VT Vermont GMT-5 GMT-4
VA Virginia GMT-5 GMT-4
WA Washington GMT-8 GMT-7
WV W.Virginia GMT-5 GMT-4
WI Wisconsin GMT-6 GMT-5
WY Wyoming GMT-7 GMT-6

if you live in america here is yours
if you live in any other place just post if you dont live in america
i ma add the other lists tomrrow
jst a way for use to know if we wanted to create events in the forum we would know a general time to make them start and end




oh nice good night you guys hope to here more in the morning dont leave me dissapointed


Waiting for eu gmt list


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