Just Something That Needs Updated


So the old guide from Legacy version is still here. Don’t you think it would be nice to update it for new players. Bullet and Rocket weapons no longer are in the game, so why is it in the Guide?

Thanks ~


Yes, I had the same idea too, Courtney :heart:

Nice catch :exclamation:


I noticed it awhile ago tbh


Yea, this has been brought up so many times, that TS ain’t doing nothing. I even brought this up months ago.



So lazy they don’t even do your laundry


si es cierto deven actualizar esto!!!


Wait,how do you access it?


Yes , a very good and smart idea and helpful as well , I’m just surprised how i never tought of this idea


They are waiting for the members of community (that is, us) to do it, for a coke and a sandwich and most of the time for nothing.

It’s TS policy: let the community work free for us! The community makes publicity (sometimes even against your own will), community creates the sprites, community moderates the forums, the community tells them when there are possible hacks, community tests the items. Even as they said developers are volunteers! .

2/3 of the work is done by the community! And for a profit-oriented company! Say that things on the internet haven´t many controls, because voluntary work for a for-profit company is not allowed outside internet. You spend hours of your time for others to count profits.


I agree with you, but I also see it from the perspective that if we enjoy this game enough, and they are at least willing to put our ideas and sprites and whatnot into the game, then if we feel we can contribute something, especially along the lines of improving the in-game guide to help newer players, then I’m all for it. :slight_smile:


Paint skill level: master :joy_cat:


I’ve noticed that. Why didn’t they update what they reloaded the game? But I’d say if you want to learn about supermechs just go to the forms.


You shouldn’t be forced to another website to learn about the game, just my opinion.


From Yo Yo Man:


Pass the like to Yo_Yo ^^


Do you know why he got silenced ?


Umm, let me ask him.


If he got silenced and he can only PM devs how are you talking to him?


Discord, Messenger, etc.


He can still make posts in SM’s PM.


Really ?

So he can post in PMs, but he can only create PM with devs, that it ?