Just one thing i have to announce this to every one including the moderaters


just had to say that because of all the fun and ridiculus times we had here it was the best time ever
but i have to go i will not see you guys a lot anymore
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thanks for all the fun


Aww, I’ve come to like you and I’ll miss you Brennan. :smile:


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IT’S BRENNAN!!!..I’ve actually missed you, you’ve changed,

You will be missed though…take care :grinning:


Well bye don’t even know where u go but bye :stuck_out_tongue:
Take care of urself.


You changed since i saw you first, gonna miss ya fam


Bye dude, you’ll be missed, I’m tellin’ ya


Wait… you’re leaving? Please don’t, but if you have to, I wish you good luck for basically everything.


what the hell no i just have stuff life stuff to do :grin:


Ooff…I’m sorry to hear,Brenna.I hope you’ll come back eventually.

I’m going to miss you.Since we first met,you managed to change a lot.You grew,you’ve matured,you’ve become impossible not to like.

Until we next meet,please take care of yourself and do your best everytime you’re against a tough choice or time.You can do anything you want if you’re up for it.

Best regards,little fella.


i could be back in 3 months or 6 months
just want to try some new in life that i never tryed before :smile:


Aah, ok…see ya


hey guys this will eb my last week here so lets have a good time