Just one more idea,phisical rocket launcher


We already have magma blast and bunker shell,so maybe we should have this thing also :slight_smile:
Sorry if this is bad idea …for example:
ROCKET LAUNCHER(some other name probably)
Weight:65 kg
24 resist drain
2—4 range
1 knockback
1 Uses
31 energy cost
31 heat cost

Maybe this topic is already on the forum ,i just think than this vill be good weapon…maybe not,i dont know…so guys,what do you think?
Is this good idea?

  • Yes,this is good idea
  • This is bad idea
  • Phisical weapons are already to strong
  • No comment

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This has already been seen… Something similar, at least.


Yeah yeah, lets make the maths here so i can help you a bit:
NF 300 DMG
SC 300-400 DMG
TONTO 200-300 DMG
That all at 1-6 of range, and you wanna add a bunker shell physical? hell no, Jesus…


that’s weak.i think it can handle 800 damage and 50 resistance drain


Nice, a scope in pocket version…