Just lost my goddam account


i went to the game and it restarted all over again
need help!


What device do you usually play on?



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And you just use the main Supermechs site?

Have you recently linked a google account or facebook account to it?


Yes (1st question) and No (2nd question)

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i linked with facebook in the beggining of the account


weird the account just fully reset then…

Best to contact support in game for this then. When you send a support message a lot of extra data gets sent with the account so hopefully they can figure out whats happened.

Make sure to give them as much relevant information as possible stating whats happened and anything else you believe to be useful to them.

Sorry I can’t be more help.


ok thanks

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Maybe log out and log in from facebook?

The site is a trash alright lad?
Don’t use it.



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Did it work?



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@Sarah247 You need to come.

I don’t have any solution…