Just how hard is it to get Greedy Drone?


God jesus is this hard. I’ve been opening premium box after premium box and find nothing good, not even an annihilation. So stupid. Devs please do something about this, and make sure to check out my recent post addressing the same topic.http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/make-legend-to-myths-easier-to-find/10070


Considering greedy is a legendary-myth item.

And legendaries drop within 1/10 premium boxes (i may be wrong) , its not gonna happen soon.


If you want an ani or non leg/myth shit just keep farming/buying silver boxes (got 4 from those).

And with the portal addition, I noticed Black boxes got better chances of legs. Although overall drop rates are pure garbage. Just pray? idk, doubt it’s as difficult as plat plate


Greedy is also a bad drone, stick with Void.


Isn’t greedy 10 res drain vs voids 5? like even if you’re not in for it’s personal damage, it can boost yours pretty damn well.


You don’t want long games with a physical mech, you need to kill your enemy as fast as possible. Greedy’s damage is pathetic.


If people are paying into these micro-transactions in order to by these boxes then they should be getting these leg/myth items rather quickly. Not a bunch of useless epics or ones that do go to mythical but are also found in regular boxes.

On top of that you also have the issue of the game giving you the same shit all of the time so now not only are you paying for epics, you are also paying to possibly get a legendary which is either a duplicate or one you could of transformed from epic in the first place.

There is no incentive to buy these premium boxes if you ask me.


Damn, so true. Could not agree more…

Damn, so true. Could not agree more… :grinning:

Damn, so true. Could not agree more… :rofl::rofl:
In fact the only advantage greedy has is its low weight (29 kg if I am right). Also, I just keep it in my inventory to practice my strong will. Whenever I have 4 legends ready for a myth, I try to resist the temptation to burn it as fifth… But there is yet another thing. I guess it would be the best candidate for an energy-free physical drone. Just make the damage little more pathetic, but leave the resistance shred the same, plus energy-free… Then it is a keeper!


I still prefer it, it has strong points, low weight and higher resist drain. I just wish the devs would boost it’s personal damage. Remove the energy cost (seriously why does phys get fucked this badly?)

Will remember this topic for when people do 180s on calling this thing trash lmao


It is a clear FRAUD system …

  • % chances are not written down

  • the best (op) items have even worser to zero % chance to get it

  • 100000 tokens not 1 (!) HP leg-to-myth modul

… question is HOW some (around 20 - 30) players got SEVERAL (5 - 10) of these op items :question: :question::question:

@Tacticsoft you need to change that immedialtly, otherwise you will lose the rest of your player base :exclamation:

  • show % chances, CLEARLY

  • do something against the on-going (since years) cheating, FREE items (as you can see even accounts get sold with tons of boxes and tokens and gold) !!!

As it is right now, it is …

  • a FRAUD system

  • the hackers / cheater go around this fraud, and cheat the honest players

… great game :exclamation:

To top that ALL, I wrote around 3 - 4 pm to developers and community manager about that … NOT one answer until NOW (after months again) :exclamation:

So you can clearly see, what they think and how they treat their best costumers :exclamation:



I am just laughing my ass off… this guy is tireless…