Just Got Back to the Game. Help!


I come back to this game after about a year and i have no idea what to do. I cant open boxes because i don’t have inventory space and i can no longer upgrade items the way i used to. please help.


You are starting over, you can’t upgrade anything LEGACY which is all old stuff.
You are stuck in a bad spot beings you can’t get anything of the newer type to work with.
They didn’t make a trash can to dump it all, even if you converted it to Power Kits it’s useless because they take up just as much space.

I have no answers for you beings you missed the lockout window that would have given you time to get new stuff to work with.


@Sarah247, anything this player can do or you could do to help?


@Almora you can use Legacy Converter but its end for ur account and you more can not get any item or open box.

we have already raised this topic. but I do not see any progress


Well, you really have no way of progressing at the moment. It’s unfortunate, but if you were not around during the time there was a grace period to get some non-legacy items, you are pretty much locked down.


Hey there,
Send a message into Supermechs@tacticsoft.net.
They will help you out there.


oh well. also I noticed that one of the old ammo storages has unlimited bullets.


I converted everything up to epic and I can open boxes!


Super mechs got ruined i miss the old type


You have unlimited everything in campaign without using any ammo modules.

I’m not sure about in PvP though as it worked sometimes in the past but not others depending on what update gets put in.


This is why I thought that the grace period should be on a per-account basis.

Returning players would have a hard time.