Just got annihilator!

OHHHH my first annihilator!!! it seems pretty good, what sets would be good to use it in?



If you mean set up, you can get ideas from just about any phys mech player around.

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you mean Annihilation

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i meant sets, lol
(yeah i type very sloppy…)

yeah, im just having some trouble with my fingers… that’s all

You want some of my physical reserve? reserva

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i only have for phy 1 terror cry, 1 back breaker, 2 nightfall and 1 annihilation now…
your arsenal looks pretty good

Before I had much more just to eliminate several things like a terror cry (the bad thing is that now I cry cry)

Back breaker, as much as I hated on it. is basically a range 1 energy requiring shotgun that hits harder (without resist). It’s stupidly OP. But unless you pack on energy it’s useless.

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lol, terror cry is great, i wish there was a heat version cause im a main heat, i use phy for my 2nd mech and planing on using energy for 3rd

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i got a decent energy and regen, but im working on leveling it up

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Good good, if I recall, the right amount would be somewhere near 300-500energy cap (little to no regen tho).

But I think you’ll have to ask a phys mech player who knows.

wow… that’s a lot! i only got around 200!!!
guess i’ll go edit that set later… but it’d be really usefull if the devs gave more health to the grave diggers so then i dont need back breaker and then i can change it for something better like a 2nd nightfall or something

whats up i am a physical mech dude

cool, any recommended set to use annihilation in?

here is a build suggested by a lot of people i know

though seprah blade is hard to get

Your build still requires a bit of work. IE removing the hammer and either going dual ani + seraph. Or Dual NF + Ani.

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oof, i dont have that heat torso… i also only have 2 epic hp modules and the rest is history…
but the weaponry i have, just need to level up to legendary

if only i could find ani

Ani is Annihilation but shorter lol

This is one build (I believe you saw this in the other thread, I forgot).

And nope. It’s Mercy (Physical Shotgun) that’s extremely rare due to being a L+M weapon.