Just checking around

So what happened to the game and Fluxeon, why is his forum account suspended? its been exactly a year since i last logged in lol


omg it’s zarkares


Lets use him in the next deso build :innocent:

Omg you haven’t died
Welcome back
you will probably leave again

Wait, have you been away from just this forum or the game and the forum?

Zarkares, i feel bad for you, every body used you untill hollow spectral armor and energy free armor were introduced, now Zarkares is just collecting dust in everyone’s inventory.

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Jokes aside, welcome back, Flux was suspended for 1000 years (i’m not sure why) but he’s not the only one, @the_yo_yo_man, @Black_Tempest , @yeet, and a few others did too

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If I remember good, fluxeon was banned for RAIDS’ cheating
both in-game and in-forums

the others are for different reasons (sometimes dumb ones (dumb for them), but whatever)


too much to be summarized in one post…

Nice to see you back btw

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long time no see buddy

flux got banned for cheating and being involved in doxing elcent