Just asking about transforming my weapon

I have a malice beam (legendary) at the max level, i want to transform it but… I will loose a lot of my weapon and i just have two weapon (malice beam and ultrabright)… I am soo confused, can someone help me?

You’ll need to sacrifice other legendary things to get it to mythical. Dont use items you want to keep, try using spare ones but if you have none spare you’ll have to upgrade an epic to legendary just to sacrifice it :L
It does take a lot of effort to get mythical items but they are worth it.

But don’t worry, it’s only going to be extremely difficult getting that item to mythical, now go spent 500,000 gold getting those epics to legendaries, and yes they wanted it to be this hard

It’s time consuming but not impossible. With the most efficient fusing, it takes about 35 rare items to turn an epic to legendary.

Thanks for the reply, i will transform my malice beam now, i am gonna collecting legendary item again