Just another idea From TheDevil

@Sarahsh247 said developers are discussing balance ,Here do this
Remove resistance from God Mode Increase HP of Armor Modules ,In short make every Myth more Deadly
You’ll say I am insane But just keep reading

You’ll probably have seen this
Make this a town where we compete to be the best Mech Pilot
Unlock Mech Garages to have multiple Mecs , Fusion core etc.
After Defeating everyone there Mayor of the town comes to us and say you gotta defeat the Overlord

Don’t say that Big Boy is overlord, He is way too weak and without his minions …

Increase the max level limit back to 100
At level 100 you can equip Myths on the Mech
And also How can we forget PVP ,Make PVP like old times
There should be two Ladder for Level 100 players
And blah blah
Do whatever you want to do with this idea Trash it or Implement it

  • Trash it
  • Implement it

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Give me reason why you want to trash

I don’t really care

I think some are interesting, harmless and will add more to the game. Campaign isnt much… as long as they dont make it like BD where u put coins and tokens into making a base and then have to fight other people’s bases :joy:

Yep game need more features

@TheDevil myths equipped at level 100? How about at level 25 or 30? I agree at levels 1-15 it is unfair for the new players since some have many myths while other barely have any. But by Levels 25-30 everyone has enough myths to make a decent/good mech.

25 or 30 is easy to reach and compare Myths to other items and you’ll see
Increasing Max level to 100 would give importance to original items of the game

@TheDevil how much exp needed for level 100? I have the massive amount of exp, but most others players don’t.

@TheDevil also, how much needed for level 100? 200,000 exp? 500,000 exp? Like, back when they had a level 100. I do agree with you now, since most items you see these days are mythicals. Would be nice to see legandaries and epics back. Would love to use deep drain again. I also think the campaign should be longer, finished it in about 2 hours (was goofing off half way through). I like the multiple garage idea, but don’t understand the mayor one. Like, would the town thing be like a mini campaign or secondary multiplayer?

Ok, last reply. Wasn’t there a similar idea to this expect you have two multiplayers? Like one which is the one we have now, and another if you don’t have as many myths and just want a normal items match (no myths allowed). Also, I’m sure I heard of the mayor idea before from somewhere, just not sure where. Like something about turning the beginning city (the giant blue one) into a base/garage thing.

Earning the exp is fun
After every level up you feel good. Items unlock , changed battle style , modifying old methods

Why you are asking me
Its developer’s decision

Well, it would be nice to use my old energy mech again.

Pretty good for no myths, right? Over 100 cooling. Of course, my original galaxus model c was power level 10, while this new one is level 1. Still, good for no myths. Have not used this mech in about one and a half years. And with no lava sprays, inferno mark II would be the new over heating weapon, and 100 would be enough to hold up against it. Obviously now this is not my main mech, my main one is a godmode and duel rocket spamming mech with lava spray and magma barriers. Just saying that last bit so no idiot thinks this electric mech is my main one, because it isn’t.

if you like the idea why you voted trash it :joy:

I thought level 100 was a bit too high. Thought level 30 should stay the cap, and 25 is when mythicals can be used. Changed my mind now. Also changed my vote. Had no idea you could even do that until now.

Its high earning it would be fun

I know. I changed my vote dude.

The Designers implemented half of it :stuck_out_tongue:

its actually a good Thing!
tho its missing some Features but its a good update if that happens,It can keep players keep playing this dying game…I guess its dying?

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