Just a Random SM Player


Well, greetings!

My name is Nemesis9 and I’ve been in Supermechs since 2014. Some of you may have seen me or fought me, but this is my formal introduction. I’ve loved this game ever since I’ve found it and I’ve even recommended it to some friends. I had never been a top player, but that did not deter me from trying hard to do so, even though I still thought that using as many weapons as possible was superior. Later that month, my friend recommended that I should try having less weapons and modules, and thus, my journey to rank 1 was born. I kept alternating between energy, heat, and physical 3v3s and heat 1v1s/2v2s. On the eve of the update, I even used the cancerous push mech.

After SM Reloaded, I settled on a physical mech and have since grown. I currently reside in my one-man-clan of Perseverantia Vicit (Latin for “perseverance conquers”). I now have 10 myths (8 fully fused) and have developed a passion for meaningful discussions about this game, and I have thus decided to join the forum community.




Lol you won’t find any of this here. :slight_smile:


be the change you want to see in the world, Fluxeon.


I tried that …

… but hard to do, if the one you try to talk to, dont answer 4 months



I have never herd of u and i play since 2012…


I’ve never heard of you until just now, but alas, we are among at least 1,000 players, correct? I surely haven’t met all of them and I doubt that you have, too. I’m not being offensive, though =)


Welcome to the forum! :grinning:


I was in top in 2012-2013 this is way u have never heard of my (TuTuZu)


well beat this…

jk it was a glitch or something


i remember you
you are a good player
and a honest one

and never mind fluxeon…


Welcome nemesis…, RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK! If you stay don’t hold your breath for this to be a life changing experience . Welcome anyway