Just a quick topic


What is this “Claw” thing that popped up?

Its just a question. I’m still on break.


It’s l-m legs with good dmg but can’t walk


Legendary level 1 of these legs has more health than max mythical iron boots
(It is awesome!)


But I hear it can’t walk…
Well I guess I have to work with the teleport, charging, and grappling. Other wise i’m dead.
I guess I will try to use it. Although can I see the mythical stats? Like at max (Then again no one would have gotten it to max yet…)


No one knows yet lol
People just got it like a couple hours ago


Well I hope I get it so I can use it for my physical mech. Im going to give rolling beasts to my heat mech if that works out… then I can use iron boots as mythical fuel (Which might be a bad idea idk)