Just a little thought

Well there’s a huge gap between p2w and f2p players as always. Wouldn’t it be fun if SM is all about grinding and tokens are only used for decorations? Like it’s all about your effort, not your money. Games like League of Legends are just skill to play, money is just used for skins and legends. The devs still make a lot of money somehow (I’m not into LoL but played it once).

It’s never going to happening ._.

Well… the paints cost tokens… That’s a start.

It is an interesting idea, and I wonder how it could be implemented into the game. Decoration skins for mechs would be awesome.

Not gonna happen bro

But i hope they will add some paint job on bots. Or any decor in game :3

In an ideal freemium game, that would be the case.

Here? Far from ideal.

Like on the complete opposite end.

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