Just a funny talk

So, I came up with an idea. How about we just make a funny reply or anything funny, and see how a few people rate it on how funny it is? If you like this idea, press 6 and up. If you don’t like the idea put it from 4 and below. If you are ok with it press 5.

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Ok go ahaed…(20 words)

you can choose to. I am not doing this until I know people like the idea.

Ok let me think of joke…

OH OH I HAVE ONE. How you call a guy who has no car Kia?

NOKIA LOL(get it cus phone…)

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lol I get it.

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Pls like my comment if you think it’s funny and good lol (ill think of another one yeah?)


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Ty now pls i need to think another one yeah?

ok xD

How do you call tactisoft if is too small?MICROSOFT HA! (i think its bad lol)

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I used this one yesterday,
Why did NASA refund Super Mechs?

because they couldn’t get it to LAUNCH

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Lol ok (20 words again…)