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What is the approximate length of the standard Supermechs arena?

  • ~450 Feet/~137 Meters
  • ~600 Feet/~182 Meters
  • How do you know this?
  • I have absolutely no clue

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Alternatively, what is the average height of a mech?

  • ~50 Feet/~15 Meters
  • ~100 Feet/~30 Meters
  • I use the tiny mech perk, you simplistic imbeciles

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This is completely random.

  1. False
  2. Yes



I’ll explain how I know the relative dimensions of the game later.

It’s simple: you don’t.

Ok someone can calculate?

Just some numbers:

  1. A tank ocupies 1 space, and we assume it is a light tank, so the lenght of it should be about 7-8m(21 - 24feet), that results in 10 spaces X 8-10m, so the arena is about 80-100 m long( 240-310 feet).
  2. The average height of the tank is about 2.5-3m( 8-10 feet), by proportions, the mech is about 4-5 times taller then thr tank, so i am quessing aroun 10-15m(30-45 feet) tall.
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I think rice nailed it. I would guess about 16-20 feet tall. But there is no scale, really. I wouldn’t want to fight whatever mech has its torso from those chains though.

How I caculated it was I looked at Battlemechs. When you move, it shows this display:
Battle Mechs
As you can see, the mechs walk an average of about 50 feet per space. Assuming this translates to Supermechs, one distance of walking is equivalent to ~50 feet. I’m confident that this translates as in Battlemechs, the mechs take more time to move, wheras now, our mechs are larger and take less time to move.

If you want to know a mech’s height, flip one space on its side and you’ll find the height is pretty much equal. Thus, I’ve concluded that the standard arena is ~450 feet long, and the average mech is ~50 feet long.

This information is subject to change, and you can always develop your own theories, this is just mine.

Set is shown further away, so the artifacts look smaller … I think it’s not a good reference. Unless you can calculate the distance.

If the field measures 137 m., put down the mech and you will see that it fits 6 times in field. 137 / 6 … each mech measures approx. 22 m

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Depends…A full-common mech is pretty tiny compared to a full-myth.

mechs: 1000kg taille: hauteur environ 5 mètre, largeur 3,5 mètre ca fait penser une vouture

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Quick reminder to all to stay on topic and criticise ideas not people.

C’est vrai! Je n’avais considéré le poids! yo

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actualy that is a very good point of view,
The comon mech, looks so little when put against a fully fused myth mech.
Hmm that actualy puts a new perspective into things, since they ocupy the same space on the battlefield, horizontaly speacking, yet the fully fused myth one is much taller then the common.

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hmm in worshop you can see the diference: