Just a couple of questions

What’s your fav. kind of mech?

  • Mass heater
  • Mass drainer
  • Dmg heater
  • Dmg electrician
  • Physical

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What’s your fav. weapon?(tell me below)

In your opinion,what’s the better torso for heat?

  • Zarkares
  • Brutality

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And for the final question,what do you want to happen for the next updates?

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The first poll don’t work…

Well.sorry the 1st poll doesn’t work…but I edited it and now it’s working

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fav weapon is annihilation

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My favourite weapon is probably the annihilation or nightfall

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Favorite weapon by far is seraph blade… this thing is a beauty

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Probably the nightfall. It shrekts ham (I don’t know?).

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my favourite weapon is Crimson Rupture !!!

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My favorite weapon is the Desert Snake (I like the Orb Cannon design)

I hope they add new weapons for both Physical and Heat mechs. Seriously, energy mechs have the most equipment in this game…


according to my legacy favouraits
its still the same coz i use 3 heat monsters
infernal axe / terror blade
lava spray/crimson rupture ^^

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Even though I’m physical, I love damage energies.

Back, WAY BACK, in the day, I used a dual Novas build (Equivalent to dual Valiant Snipers, WindForge, StormWeaver, and Last Words) that I absolutely adored.

The moves were so fluid, and the tension if you hit good with energy carryover – It was too fun.

I love energy, it’s my favorite. Physical is actually my least favorite.

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Valiants are equivalent to novas IF novas have more than one use

Cmon guys start rockin the valiants. Not that I ever got one.

More colors

just waste of tokens

The only reason why I chose physical was because I used to be a mass drainer, as well as a damage electrician. SInce there are none, I had to go with physical. But either way, I also really like physical. Especially Nightfall, Annihilation, Night Eagle, Terror Cry, Backbreaker, I equally hate and like Backbreaker, and the valiant sniper, physical form.

Valiant sniper(energy)=Desert fury(physical)

It’s hard for me to qoute your post because I’m currently in mobile :grinning:

okee. I was getting as bit confused on what the snipers names are. So thanks for the name :smiley:

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My favorite weapon is definitely the Magma Blast. It’s a real game changer against any type of mech :grin: