Just a couple newb questions


Look again,more carefully this time.
That is not the game,but a simulated arena.


Let me fix some of your stuff.

Actually this portal reappeared twice, once was for 3 Days and second was for 24 hours.

It’s called Yoshimo X.

Done :smile:


Have you ever checked what is happening in Discord lmao

Winz really loves to prank, that’s a screenshot of KilliN.


I’m not using discord anymore.
But yes,of course I figured it out…How dumb do you think I am?


A mech perk that makes it grow in size by times 2.
Scary maybes.


I have my tiny mech perk still~ (for those who have seen me in the arena know this)


Where did I say that “You didn’t figure it out”?

Well, I think it’s in the world of unicorns, because it does not exist.

Also I was referring ONLY to Discord, and the screenshot of KilliN.


I understand,mate :smiley:
No need to argue with each other.


Bigger mech was an old project that never implemented on PvP. Only for boss on campaign.