Just a couple newb questions


A few times now I have seen tiny mechs in arena, like 1/3 the size of a normal mech. What causes this, was it an event item or something? Can it still be gotten?

I have also seen all black mechs, but haven’t seen black paint in the shop or black mechs in the shop. Is this something old or event related, or no longer attainable?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s an old perk. It is not obtainable anymore, so its pretty rare.
“pretty rare”
(Unless you somehow get someone’s account with the perk.)


So neither are available anymore? I guess it’s the same for the unicorn horn and the horned samurai hat as well?




a mech has to be at max mythical to be “all black”


I would so pay for that bab- No! Do not give them ideas! Stupid stupid stupid!


Nah, there were more paint colors in legacy…and paint kits are still the legacies’…

There were actually Black Paint…(the current maxed myth color…)
Plus there is a perk giving all full black mech, wether the state of your mech…(not sure if it was obtainable)
Same for a full Golden mech…


So a mech that every part on it is maxed out myth can be turned black?


Yes, like that:

Each part is painted black separatly


Oh, so if I maxed my core before anything else I could turn it black then?


It’s quite simple, when an item is level 50, it turns black.


When put like that, yes it is :slight_smile:


Allow me to answer all of your questions:

Thay was from an event from long ago.
That portal has never reappeared once ever since.

It’s not a hat,it’s a torso.
A L-M physical torso called Archimonde.

The Legacy version was a heat torso called Yoshimo.

Upon maxing a mythical (getting it to level 50),it will automatically turn black (if it hasn’t been painted previously).

Actually,if not painted,the item will change color every 5 levels.
Ex: level 41-45 light red
level 46-49-blood red (and level 50 black,the only exception changing color after 4 levels instead of 5).

Legacy perk that’s unfortunately not obtainable anymore,but still working for those who own it.


Same for Bigger Mechs and Pumpkin Torso, for instance ^^


I know the Pumpkin Perk and the Shrinking Perk,but I never saw any Bigger Mech Perk.



That’s just silly lol


I saw it ONCE, somewhere…But I don’t remember where sadly…


Wait,what the…
New update on the simulator?


No, the screenshot of the giant mech by @winz_kay lol