Just a bit of change in loading

So, yea, you know when you just open the game and there is SM logo, a noob mech, and two loading bars.

I have an idea of changing this.

  1. Change the logo. Make it a bit more futuristic, add a bit more light, and divide ‘‘super’’ and ‘‘mechs’’.
    2.Make a new loading mech. That one is from old SM, and is a noob mech. Use new items to build the mech and make it look like a pro mech, not a noob mech.
    3.Make these two loading a bit more futuristc. I mean, they look so boring. Just a bit more futuristic. :confounded:
  2. Those to buttons for app store and google play, make them just a bit smaller and move them on some else place.
  3. And, add a new background. It looks pretty stupid when it is just totally black. Add some background of a battlefield, or make an animated fight as a background.

That’s all I got. Vote.

  • Nice idea dude.
  • Bad idea.
  • Nice idea I got an example how would it look.

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Also, you don’t have to make an example, make it only if you want.

Newbie mech is best mech


? :confused: :confused: :confused:

The rarest torso and now unobtainable… the Newbie mech is great!

WHY??? :confounded: