Just a bit more. A BIT MORE

Just a bit more. Hope I’ll get these soon.


I feel you… Just fuse epics into legendarys and it’ll go pretty fast!

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You are soooo close! :slight_smile:


why would you use brightroar as myth food

Start abusing insane mode of the gold portal and buying boxes. Quick legs within a few hours!

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Brightroar is weak now,and its not worth using.though i’d keep it for my collection.

they might buff it tho

Mythical zakares is really useful!
Looks real nice too.
52 AM
Helps a ton. When I mean ton, TON as in hp and heat against heaters. Energy is just fine if you have good modules.

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Izgleda da ces biti isto kao sto i ja :smiley:

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I’m going to get at least one legendary today!

Yup, I agree! (202020202)

I can do it all in an hour!

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Yup, that’s what I’m doing!

I don’t even have a energy mech, so I have no reason to keep it.

5 replajova…trebalo si sve zajedno u jedan xD

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Crap… I just maxed out an epic, and I realized it can’t be legendary…


Jbm to se i meni desilo kad sam hteo brutalaty hahah

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Oh my God!

I did it, guys! I did it!



Nice :slight_smile:
Is this your first myth?

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Yup! It is! Yayay! (02020202)