Jump Jets: Physical version of the Teleporter


So I’m gonna try and make this short due to lack of time.

So basically, the Jump Jets is a physical version of the Teleporter. You can move anywhere you want in the battlefield, and has one use.


They will deal physical damage, and the animation is different.

Instead of a sphere surrounding the mech and just moves the mech somewhere else, a rocket resembling the Charge (but facing downwards) will pop up behind the mech. It will proceed to launch the mech into the air out of existence, and then the mech will land at the desired location.

How it does damage? When the mech lands, waves from the stomp animation will occur. Dealing damage and knocking the enemy back.

I’m bad at describing things aren’t I?

Thanks for reading though. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking of more like a meteor effect. Sorta the same, but when it comes down it’s well, falling like a meteor (has the flames around it as well) before impacting on it’s target (the shockwave impact).

I like your idea though, would be nice to see something other than only an energy TP.


Its a good idea, but it would have to weigh a-lot


I don’t think so, I would bet TP’s follow hook weights, since both energy tp’s and hooks weigh 11kgs. so maybe it’d be 17KGs for the phys tp.


thats so cool i would like that


It was never clear to me why there is only energy teleport and phys charge.


Probably because Teleporting sounds more like something that needs energy as the main resource.
And charge is about the impact of the mechs, so it’s physical.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

What do you think of this idea?


it is the method of the old “battlemechs”…it has been already implemented…


When used:
After use:
Dealing yourself 666 damage. xD


tHiS iS a GoOd IdEa!