Josh constantly bullies newbs and it's becoming a problem (´・ω・`)

I read there (in BD) that you get a lot of help when you start playing, and support from Moderators / world-admins …

yes was great “help” …

dead 1

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How long ago was this? Was he a moderator at the time?

I guess 2 years arround, I had real hope he helps me …

… I started and after around 16 hours … I was done with BD.



Dying in the beginning isnt that big a deal. I’ve died several times (completely lost all army) on worlds and still won in the end. and most players would help you if you ask right or talk to them.

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shush I asked you and you were too much of a lazy ■■■■


Lazy and busy are different things. I cant play rn

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Excel has potential as well. And Khan would if he wasnt lazy. Team up with Excel and find some other nuuuubs in the big BD player chat.

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i’m one step ahead of you then :wink:

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This Nub is available for trolling.
Cant play serious


Yes Kaen tell me how good I am

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I am very shy, special about a army which is trying to kill my loved soldiers.

I tried to be a good leader …

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I’m interested :wink::wink::wink::wink:

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How about we dont do that…

It would be better for everyone if we do that

to be fair, you never told me it was you. And if you knew it was me, then that means i was playing seriously as I am usually under a fake alias at the beginning of eras to prevent people from trying to come for me immediately while i farm up xp. And in serious eras, I’m kinda cut throat. If I’m playing serious, it means I’m not sleeping, which means I’m looking to kill everything that could be a threat in the most timely manner possible.

The fact that you said I killed you twice would make me feel like it might’ve actually been me as I don’t let people rebuild near me :sweat_smile:

However, I will also say, many people also use other’s names.

But if you ask me (in a message) to help you, I am usually very receptive.

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Yes, exactly like it was …

AND no worries, I am not angry about anymore, hey its a battle game, normal to be killed :exclamation:

I am just joking around a little bit about (no offense) :exclamation:

I know you would have been helpfully, I was just naive enough to believe I could try to attack :exclamation:


@malicewolf have you ever considered talking to the players you kill during the era? I mean not everyone but noobs and intermediate players similar to bestplayer giving them some advice or some tips or offering help , something on similar lines, you are getting like what I’m saying?

I know one thing is that if someone approaches you for help then you do everything you can.
I think we can retain a lot of players who leave the game early.

You do realise how many people Josh kills when hes playing seriously right? :confused: This combined with the walls of texts he sends would make speaking to everyone he kills an impossible never ending task…


lol, yes, his second kill was exactly when I restocked all again … kinda like “damm I just wasted 4 hours (dont know anymore how long it took) of my lifetime”


Beside, I am sure he saw “bestplayeroftheworld” and attacked with pleasure :exclamation:

(attention joking, I dont even know if I had that name, I cleared that all out of my memory as fast as possible :laughing: )


I overread this … thats a good one @Elcent :exclamation:

Great “british” humor :exclamation: