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My life

Oh wait. Thats the joke of a lifetime


My acyual joke: The fact that i actually have crippling deppression and its not a just a meme anymore and im not able to talk to ppl irl and have never been anything but single even tho im 23 already.


deez nuts. HA! GOTEM!



I like supermechs…


Traps are not gay as long as they are cute like Fluxeon


Of course, of course

What’s black and white and red all over?



Supermechs: " Actually Using up all my energy in missions."

(The Joke is missions don’t give anything)


A joke is how some people in SuperMechs keep referring to fuel in campaign as energy


"I poo shit?"


Guy with blue T-Shirt is @Zarkares, guy with green T-Shirt is @Fluxeon. : - )



Why did the corgi cross the road? Because it wanted to


You always have something to say to me


I do, don’t i? Am i wrong tho? Thats fuel. Not energy


This was 23 days ago. This was the joke of the day. The happy ending is happening right now, since we’re all
#a happy family again, right?