Join the PayBackRD :)


Hellooo everyone, some of yours knows me:) , my account was locked, corrupted or something… , after 2 months finally it worked, this time i created a clan named PayBackRD(i want to payback with lost times xd) , so if you want to join i made it rank10 or above , and i understand you cant be active always so 5 or 15 wins per week would be enough for now, most important thing is be a nice, friendly person:) , so uuum, thats everything i can say for now and its nice to come back here :slight_smile:


Nope, It won’t be enough but whatever you say

That’s a bit high for a starting clan… Try lowering it to 7-9


Would start form letting anyone in clan and later making needed rank higher and higher


edit: minimum rank lowered to 10