Join Roleplays Here

Link to roleplay forum I created: Roleplay group

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I am the Scientist ( if there are any)

Anyways, we have to actually start the roleplay first…

I’d suggest you to create a PM where you put your RP then

And this thread would be only if someone want to join your RP

(and don’t add me to whatever RP you do, I’m not in)

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I’ll probably do that

Woohoo created a forum for the roleplays go join it if you want

You literally just made a website for your rp, don’t you have to pay for websites?

Nope! The forum maker was/is entirely free cause it comes with a domain. (I think that’s why)
Would you like to join my forum?

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No thanks

I mean, if you’ve always dreamed of being amoderator, you could be one for my forums, but not actually have to RP.

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Still no thanks

Okay, sorry ur not interested.


Bumpity Bumpity Bump

stop it hasnt even been 12 hours.

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Why are you being so angry.

I’m sorry if I appeared to be angry, I was not intending to be that way.