Join or i we will shrek you ben shapiro style


join now!

yo yo man awaits you…
join if you want a fun time!
and if you want to rule the world with aku…


What if I don’t want to…?.?.?


you still must join to avoid the shreking


you are all fools!


I recommend you not joining.

I joined for barely 2 days and got raped, tortured, beat up, and they have done other horrible things.


cant stop laughing…




But heat is cancer, it’s fact.

TYYM said I get special treatment, turns out it was the opposite of what I thought
I deserve admin ask Winz he gave me admin i didn’t destroy the whole server.


dammit…you wont change will you?

shouldnt have asked for admin.
if you didnt,we would have kept you around and maybe even had a bit of fun.

thats another server.
who knows what you would have done with your “h e a t i s c a n c e r” mentality.
the server was just for fun and talking random stuff.


Heat has heatpoint and heatbomb.

Need I say more?

I will never change my mindset that heat is the most cancerous type in SM. I’ve had my troubles with energays but at least I can COUNTER them. Heat is unbalanced, broken, and a disgrace to the already disgraceful game that is SM. No matter what, I will never change my mind about it. It is still absolutely disgusting, and I will never make a heat mech, period. I would rant on and on but I don’t feel like typing more.


phew… dodged a flame war…(heh get it?flame war? i suck at jokes).
heat is the weakest type.heatbomb and heatpoint are just 2 items.they may be in t h e m e t a but they dont make up an entire type.phys destroys heat and phys is already extremely common.
also got anything to say about the server?
i would love to hear your rant about the server.


You forgot the broken OP AF uncountedable energy free heat weapons.

I want to say that the server is bad. I don’t feel like typing anymore.

What do want to know is how did that thing take you 4 minutes to type.


im not a fast typer.sorry.

heat is already soposed (wow what good spelling) to counter energy.sometimes it fails even at that.

t h e n s a y i t

is that because you are tired or cant say anything about the server?
if you are tired,take a break and reply later.


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1st. if you think its bad,then why did you join in the first place?
2nd.what is wrong with having forum members with mod?
3rd.if you change for the better,we will allow you to join back.but considering your heat is cancer mentality,i dont think you will get any better.


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1st.i didnt get in the way.if i did get in the way,tell me how.
if you wanted to talk to TYYM then you would have just pmed him right?
2nd. again,why is it unfair?if you dont whine for mod you might get it. (also im not sure but i think i got mod because i joined first).
3rd.lets see how far you get with that mindset.
lets just forget about know hat they say:forgive and forget.


I didn’t know his discord number.


join server
get discord number
private message TYYM
leave server
badbim badaboom


Invite me back or else

I forgot his number