Join Aetherial Defenders

The members may not be as badass as the top ranks (cuz we just created a while ago) but the name sure will attract many players

rules are simple:

  1. be strong and active

  2. be communicable

  3. do what gamers do

thats all


Hey, im a 4 year player of this game, would like to join, currently rank 15, will be really active during summer, breaks, and weekends, but school time, not so much, please consider me.

search it up

its open btw

Sorry I could not find it in clan search

hold on there

lemme kick some inactive players there

ok there

now search Aetherial Defenders, send a request and we will accept it

sent a request to clan thx

someone else wants to join the clan

Necro Detected. Warning. Activating Defense Maneuvers
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Don’t necro boi. I feel like we need to make an actual topic telling people not to necro. Jesus

I don’t know what that means

what did I do wrong, plez tell me

It means to basically revive an old post. If you look above your originally post you will see it was posted 19 days later. When you post in a thread it bumps it to the top and everyone can see it even though it is irrelevant and already died

your icon makes you look like you are typing really fast lel

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I understand now thx

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Necroing a post is frowned upon in all forums, as it mixes in irrelevant dead topics with fresh new ones. Its fine since you didn’t know what it means, just don’t do it again.
Handy tip is to look at time stops at top right of posts before posting. If the last post was around a week old its considered a necro

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I feel like I should make an anti necro topic since people have been necroing so often recently… should I?

Your choice

guess I will cause its annoying.

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MechSlayer, calm down on the nerco policing. The guy is only trying to get some recruits for his clan. There’s nothing wrong with that.


ik… but still annoying… but your right.