Jiren VS Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku



Do we even have to have this conversation? Goku Black.

Thats not Goku Black , thats ultra instinct Goku , also the episode 109-110 was dope af. Loved it

Next sunday he ll be black see. Ultra is just start form end form will the black. I hope!!! Only black possess power to beat god of destruction.

some snapshot from last episode

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“This isn’t even my final form”

Need i say more? Goku ftw

Goku Black was Zamasu who had stolen Gokus body, Zeno erased him already.

As my instinct says will see goku black this is just my speculation, yes there will be no end of further transformation. I think goku frieza and hit man work together to beat jiren. Jiren power lvl is more than god of destruction.

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As goku black zamasu said had beaten many god of destruction and erase many universe’s. Goku black was one of the transformation i believe. because he got wish from gold dragon super to make hin powerful than any god.

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This just might be the most productive and non-toxic thread on this forum in the last couple months.

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Goku should just do a fusion with Bulma to make Goku with tiddy and distract Jiren with tiddy before beating him badly.


Yeah but Zeno is not just God , he is God of Gods, and they refer to him as King of everything , and if by your logic Zamasu cannot be erased by Zeno then RIP everyone cause Goku is not even powerful enough to beat Beerus or any other God of destruction , what chance he has against a guy who is more powerful than Zeno to whome all the God of destruction bow to and are afraid of, it will probably be end of DBS.

I think Jiren will just beat anyone who will come in his way and when he will do something or say something bad which will rage Gohan and we all have seen how destructive Gohan becomes when raged. (can ask that dead Cell dude) XD

Vegeta will not allow goku to fuse with bulma.
If jiren even touch bulma than he will have to face wrath of saiyan king. I really like how vegeta care for bulma.

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Gohan is half human he is not good at all. Because gohan is half human they all will die. Only vegeta and goku will stay for eternity. Currently as per my dragon ball meter gohan is no match he brain guy who can be good captain and make some strategies. But trump card is the goku.

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Doesnt standard Goku have a lower power level than Gohan when he was just a baby? Like, 2x more. So, if Gohan did whatever Goku does couldnt he essentially be 2x stronger than Goku after transformations?

I dont even understand why base Gohan, which is a saiyan-human hybrid, is stronger than base Goku, who is pure saiyan.

Gohan power is awoken by planet namek guru. He is out of form he dont even do training any more. As other god says to rich jiren level guy need to do lot of hard work. Currently as i see only form players our jiren goku frieza vegeta hit man. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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Meta-cooler corps has the highest power level. 10 billion.

I remeber when travelling to earth Vegeta mentions to one of his friend nappa that a son of human+sayan is more powerful than normal sayans , to which nappa replies that they should bring all sayans to earth and breed half human-sayan kids to build a super race and then vegeta is like , wth these kids will just beat our ass and become king themselves , lets just kill all humans.

Some reason why Goten and trunks can go super sayan when they are still like 10 year old and even SSJ3 when they fuse together as Gotenks.

Human+Sayan kid have always been more powerful than normal sayans.

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Gogeta is second closest