Jeweled item box

Are the Jeweled item boxed totally random or are they controlled on a mouse button press length (not sure on how to explain that)

They are controlled by your keyboard, you hit Ctrl+W on the light that you want on the box.

I normally hit it too early, so I end up getting Epic items.


This will close your browser^,

Its completely random to what you get :slight_smile:

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Ok… Thanks. Wasnt sure if there was a trick at it… I shall delete my post then.

No need to delete, it may help someone in future


Circle the box five times with your mouse and open your command prompt

Type >SMReloaded /Campaign /FortuneBox/ “lightcolouryouwant” and press enter

If you click alt+f4 you gonna get a legendary :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried Alt+F4, it only gave me 1 Epic and 2 Rares. :frowning:


too early for the April fools :upside_down:
*presses Ctrl+W to increase legendary in a fortune box

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you can also press the “home button” if you use a mobile device. This will increase you chance of getting rares -.-

Why not hold the power button instead? I heard that will get you many many legendaries.

Oh, and if tells you to slide the screen, do it.


here’s mine: 111 111 11 18. Call me, i wan’t those legendaries :slight_smile:

it’s not the number of an brazilian drug dealer

Btw, the jeweled box like you say is called Fortune Box ingame, but mostly called in the forums Toilet Box, Misluck Box, Misery Box and so on ^^

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Smashing the device also works

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I think we scared him off from here :frowning:

Just realised that i became worse than @Zarkares
I’m sorry :cry:

What did Zakares say, I didnt see it

It is A Brazilian drug dealer **

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Hmm… must be @KilliN


That’s not even a brazilian phone number

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