Jazz Wants More Energy on One Tickers


You’d think with the amount of boosting that SUCK/FLUX does it wouldn’t be a problem :confused:

Energy on One Tickers

Ahh Alfie, always so quick witted but never willing to fight on era that isn’t dead.


SGC constantly fights 3-4+ teams every era (this F3 being the odd exception), and I know first hand that Alfie is a carry for them (even if they lose, which is rare nowadays ;))

On the other hand you’ve had nothing but easy eras, so what’s your point?


Carter from what I know you’re well known for one thing, and its not being good at this game. How you ever weaseled yourself onto any winning teams baffles me.


Oh and what is that? I never said I was good tho, just that you’re not :slight_smile:

(my only accomplishment is beating rudi <3)


I seem to be good enough to lead 3 teams to victory. What is your biggest accomplishment, sucking off stark to get into eras?


Oh I sucked off stark realllll hard for sure :relieved: Because I totally haven’t known Alfie for over half a year and slowly climbed up the BD ladder.

  1. You didn’t answer my question of what I’m known for, I’d like to know :slight_smile:
  2. Leading teams on free eras is about as much of an accomplishment as me playing free eras, and if you wanna bring up stark if I recall correctly he was in SUCK, so how much did YOU pay him to join eh?
  3. I know I that you “beat” me E1 Era 36 (or 37 idk not logged in idrc) but that was because real life issues popped up and my team was a bunch of randoms who hated each other.


Lmao ive known stark way longer than you and played with SGC back in the day, the old SGC not the alfie one.


lol I’ve known him awhile too, mabye not as long as you, but still. So don’t accuse me of blowing him for eras. I’m not a dirty whore :slight_smile:

Oh and you still haven’t answered what that is.


never shutting your goddamn mouth


Oh yeah!!! I don’t stop talking thats true. But I can if I want :slight_smile:


Bring a team next time SGC plays and we’ll see


Im in,1v10,lets go! Ill even bring my … Wait,i got no1 to bring…1v10…nah,nvm.


Here i am thinking we are gonna have a thoughtful and enlighted discussion on a possible add to the game but no, just more shit talking about what appears to the same 3 teams constantly being shit talked now a days.


You should have seen the New Events poll :slight_smile: